Nanoparticles as seen by a transmission electron microscopeZinc nanoparticles as seen by a transmission electron microscopeDouble-walled carbon nanotubes, or DWNT, under a transmission electron microscopeAligned carbon nanotube powder with 200 nanometer size referenceSingle-wall carbon nanotubes, or SWNT, under a transmission electron microscopeMulti-walled carbon nanotubes, MWNT, under a transmission electron microscopeSingle-walled carbon nanotubes, SWNT, under a transmission electron microscope


Normal solar flux conversion to energy: ~520-900 nm

Turbo solar flux conversion to energy: ~0-400 nm + ~520-900 nm
The Turbo Experience!
  • Converts UV light so the energy is utilized rather than wasted
  • Boosts energy output roughly 10%
  • Extends solar cell/module life

Turbo output technology gives your solar cells or modules a 10% efficiency boost! By putting our patent-pending nanoparticles on your solar cells or modules, you can dramatically improve output. Most solar cells have a 10%-15% efficiency at this time with some at 20%, and we increase this by 10%. Thus, a 20% efficient solar cell would become 22% efficient.

How do we do it? Our unique nano-phosphors are coated in a clear layer over the solar cell. Visable light passes through to the solar cell to make energy, while we convert UV light to visible light on the surface of the solar cell. This boosts the amount of light energy being converted, increases the engery produced, as well as reducing damage to the solar cell from UV light. More energy. Longer cell life. Turbo Solar.

Who else is hot to use this technology? NASA. We're funded in part by NASA grant to help extend spacecraft life by reducing damage from X-Ray and Gamma radiation. The same effect used to reduce damage to spacecraft can be used to extend solar cell & module life, as well as boosting output.

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New Turbo-Solar Feasibility Data Available
September 18, 2009
Sun is pleased to announce we have a new set of data available for our partners, proving the benefit of using our nanoparticles on solar cells. For prospective customers interested in boosting their solar output by ~10%, we can test your solar cells with our materials and provide you with data. For more information, contact

Turbo-Solar Info at InterSolar
July 14, 2009
We were pleased to meet with several groups of interested customers at the InterSolar show, finding them very interested in our Solar Module Turbo brochure.

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